Sponsorship Packages

We are planning Europe's largest congress in its field. We are bringing the most amazing and most diverse lineup of speakers and themes together with more than 2,500 HR professionals, executives, leaders, prospective leaders, students, and trainers every year. We meet new people, explore new ideas, develop creative solutions, shift our business perspective, and even reconstruct our business model. With motivational speakers, intriguing conversations, and thought-provoking panels, we feed our creativity.
Social Responsibility: With your support to the 30th PERYÖN People Management Congress and PERYÖN, you will support Turkey's leading non-governmental organization working in the field of Human Development, Corporate Governance and Employment. You will receive a significant share of PERYÖN's contribution to «Human» in Turkey.
Contribution to Employer Branding: You'll be able to reach 1,5 million individuals through print and digital media, as well as 2,500 people on event days. You will have direct access to a large audience, including university students and young talents, at the 30th PERYÖN People Management Congress.
Expanding Your B2B Business Network: You will have the opportunity to advertise and remind senior decision makers who regularly follow PERYÖN events about the influence of your business, benchmarks, and brand.