About the Congress
About the Congress

We, PERYON –People Management Association of Turkey, are a visionary group of professionals who set out with a worthwhile purpose in mind. Today, we are one of the rare associations that has the title of Turkey at the beginning of its name. We have been serving businesses and people in our country for 50 years, with approximately 4,000 members representing 2.5 million employees. We operate with the vision of "Leading a better working life for now and the future," with the goal of improving working conditions in Turkey for everyone.

The People Management Congress, organized by PERYON, has been the largest conference in the region for 29 years. We are bringing the most amazing and most diverse lineup of speakers and themes together with more than 2,500 HR professionals, executives, leaders, prospective leaders, students, and trainers every year.

We broaden our field of influence every year! We don't just follow the agenda, we create it! Because, in a rapidly changing and transforming world, being able to sign an organization that will set the agenda always requires "more."

Human resources professionals, business veterans, students, teachers, managers, future leaders, in short, all professionals with a “FOCUS ON PEOPLE”

The following are examples of governmental and private sector contributions:
• Directors, Managers, Human Resources Specialists,
• Managers from all Business Areas,
• HR Business Partners,
• Academics,
• SME Owners and Managers,
• Consultants,
• And, of course, students!

We're all preparing for the congress with passion, energy, and excitement!

Along with its 4,000 members, who make PERYÖN useful and effective, and the Human Management Professionals on the Congress Advisory Committee, we are planning Europe's largest congress in its field. We meet new people, explore new ideas, develop creative solutions, shift our business perspective, and even reconstruct our business model. With motivational speakers, intriguing conversations, and thought-provoking panels, we feed our creativity.

We catch the recent trends with the right companies, the right solutions, and the right names. We enjoy a great time together, share, and grow!