Sertaç Yerlikaya
Sertaç Yerlikaya

Director | Türkiye Open Source Platform and 42 Schools

Sertaç Yerlikaya is a seasoned technology strategy, and digital transformation professional with broad experience in FMCG, consulting, telco, manufacturing and academia. In 2019, Sertaç was appointed as a strategy consultant at TÜBİTAK to work on the development of the "National Technology Move" strategy and roadmaps of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. She led development of 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Mobility Vehicles and Technologies Roadmap, 5G and Beyond Communication Technologies Roadmap, Digital Transformation Roadmap of the Industry.

Sertaç Yerlikaya, who is the Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology , is a Steering Committee Member of the 4th Industrial Revolution Center of Türkiye, established by the World Economic Forum, and the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Metal Industrialists' Union. She is also the Vice President of the Industry 4.0 Platform of Boğaziçi University.

Sertac is also director of Turkiye Open Source Platform, one of the pioneer projects of the 2023 strategy. She is in charge of the establishment of a new way of coding schools, based on peer learning in Türkiye initiated by the Ecole 42 network, and the development of open source projects among the Platform members. With this role, Sertaç Yerlikaya has been awarded as the "Leader Making Difference with New Technologies" in the Women Leaders of Technology competition organized by Microsoft in cooperation with KAGIDER and Habitat Association.

Prior to these duties, she had experience in different sectors from retail to telecommunications, from consumer goods to consultancy. She worked as a Strategy Planning Manager in a private company, responsible for a wide geography in Africa and the Middle East. Later, she became the Strategy Planning and Business Development Manager at a telecommunications company. She is the founder of, Turkey's first online photobook service.

Being a strong believer in women empowerment Sertac takes an active role in nation’s leading women empowerment and mentorship network. As part of her continuous efforts to inspire and grow leaders, she regularly contributes to international research and teaches on Business 4.0 and Digital Transformation Strategy fields.

She is married and has a son named Kaya who enjoys learning with curiosity. She is actively involved in the empowerment and guidance networks of women and youth in Turkey.