Mustafa İçer
Mustafa İçer

Founder | Peopleoma

Mustafa İçer is an HR Tech entrepreneur who creates value by combining technology curiosity and software development experience with his Human Resources experience.

After completing his undergraduate education in Kocaeli University, Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, he received his MBA degree at Yıldız Technical University. Mustafa İçer, who believes in lifelong learning, continues to learn from the HR ecosystem by mentoring professionals who have just started their career in Human Resources and by organizing Human Resources Analytics 101 workshops.

He started his Human Resources career at Ibtech, the technology subsidiary of QNB Finansbank, and continued at Softtech, the technology subsidiary of İşbank. He led the Human Resources Analytics and Employee Experience departments at Softtech.

Mustafa İçer focused on his entrepreneurial journey as of 2022 and received investment from İşbank and Softtech Ventures and founded Peopleoma Human Analytics Platform. His vision is to guide companies make people-oriented and data driven decisions in order to create a structured and visionary business life. As of today Peopleoma’s customers are located in 3 different continents and 5 different countries.