Dr. Gülcan Özer
Dr. Gülcan Özer

Psychiatrist & Author & Founder | Terapi İstanbul

Dr. Gülcan Ozer is an adult psychiatrist, psychotherapist. She graduated with a specialty in psychiatry from Bakrköy Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital in 1998, took part in numerous clinical research and trainings, and had articles both domestically and internationally published.

Continuing to work in the fields of individual psychotherapy and couple therapy, Dr. Gülcan Özer is the founder and employee of the Therapy Istanbul Psychiatry Center.

She works in couples therapy and individual psychotherapy. The book titled “Herkes Kendi Hayatının Kahramanı”, in which she narrated her experiences, was published by Doğan Kitap in 2016, and the book “İnsan Halleri” which they co-wrote with the Istanbul Center of Therapy in 2017.