Ela Kulunyar

Human Resources and Processes Management General Manager | Doğuş Otomotiv

Ela Kulunyar is graduated from Saint-Benoit French Lycée and İstanbul University Faculty of Communications. By starting her career in Beymen with the Management Trainee Program, she continued her employment as an Assistant Manager in Beyoğlu Store. After 1985, she worked for 15 years in various companies under Koç Group in various positions in Foreign Trade and Sales. As of 1996, she has undertaken the management of all human resources processes of the domestic and foreign companies under Koç Community Foreign Trade Group and later, the processes of Food and Retail Group.

Between 2008 and 2016, she served as Human Resources and Process Management Director at Doğuş Automotive Group. Since November 2016, she has been responsible for the development and management of the Human Resources, Process Management, Administrative and Technical Affairs functions and the Human Resources processes in Authorised Dealer network as the General Manager of Human Resources and Process Management at Doğuş Automotive Group.

In addition, she is a Board Member in Peryön (Turkey Human Management Association) and. YKKD (Women on Board Turkey). She still carries out the duty of chairman in Human Resources Committee under ODD (Automotive Distributors Association).