Alper Çakıroğlu
Alper Çakıroğlu

Co Founder | 3İK & 100sClub

Alper Çakıroğlu began both doing an internship and working during his university years. He always took an active role in student club activities and took on his role as chairman. Therefore, he became aware of the communication gap between employers and young talents in career-related events and the inadequacy of university career centers. He has taken crucial steps by enabling employers to reach student clubs and ensuring that student clubs and young talents within their network get to know employers more accurately and are aware of their programs. He brought together all university clubs, firstly in Istanbul and then throughout Turkey, to establish a more consistent and sustainable communication. He has put his signature under a venture that goes beyond just being a communication point with the increasing needs at every step. He established 3İK brand communication agency, which takes an active role in the processes of companies to understand the youth, to include the youth in the programs they develop at every stage, and in the employment of young talents who have graduated. In line with the demands of various brands, he continued investing in the production of advertising materials, stand decoration, and software and digital asset management through serial venture companies.

While the expectations of young talents from the companies they plan to work with increase every year, the needs of employer brands are changing in terms of attracting qualified young talents and retaining and improving their current employees. Accordingly, Çakıroğlu, who became the Co-Founder of 100sClub in 2021, played a more active role in youth employment with the experience he gained at 3İK, which not only carries out awareness and attractiveness projects but enables the creation of engaged employees with flawless employee experience stories.

Çakıroğlu continues to work as the chairman of the only agency that has been a bridge for the people and culture departments of leading brands for 13 years and provides a holistic service by creating and shaping the strategic route together.