Alp Sezginsoy
Alp Sezginsoy

Founder | Expertera Founder & Dojo Talent

He is the founder of Expertera, the region’s first and only on-demand expertise platform. Alp started his career as a traveler and continued as an options trader in international markets. After receiving his master’s degree in France, he lived abroad for 6 years. Landing a job in the world’s first knowledge outsourcing company, he worked as a consultant for leading investment banks and institutions in countries like India, Romania, and Chile, and set up global research centers. He was introduced to the concept of the collaborative on-demand economy in 2011, during a study he was conducting on AirBnB commissioned by Deutsche Bank. Anticipating the potential impact of digital revolution and sharing economy on the future workforce, expertise and the new ways of work, he decided to setup an expertise database for providing flexible workforce services. He moved back to Turkey in 2012 and established Expertera, in his own flat in İstanbul. Providing tailored and flexible access to top-talent on a daily/hourly basis to all business segments from major international players to startups alike, Expertera reached 15,000 business experts by 2017. It is listed as one of Turkey’s Top 100 Next Generation Companies by TOBB and Endeavor, selected for Garanti BBVA Partners Acceleration and ItuGate Program, and attracted the country’s largest technology and artificial intelligence exporter Etiya among its investors and continues its course of growth, serving the world’s top companies.

His TedxReset talk on Future of Work, New Organizations and On-demand Workforce in 2017 gained wide attraction. In 2018, he founded ‘The Future of Work Platform’, which focuses on the human aspect, news ways of work and the philosophy of the digital revolution and Industry 4.0. Gaining wide support from leading corporates, institutions, startups and thought-leaders, he organized Turkey’s first and one of Europe’s largest ‘Future of Work’ event series with over 2000 attendants and international speakers.

Currently, Alp works with Fortune-500 Boards as a consultant to build the Future Agile Workforce. He works together with leading experts around the world in the field, gives talks and designs workshops on the topic. He became the pioneer and spokesperson of Future of Work movement in his region today and gives speeches in Europe and US.

Alp is a firm believer of “Mindful Entrepreneurship”, and is also the founder of Collective Cosmos content platform. In collaboration with the TEMA Foundation, he initiated ‘Expertise for Future’ to plant thousands of trees together with Expertera experts. He wants to contiue working in the areas of connecting technologies, nature and natural health, and learning, all of which he believes will be the key future drivers of change. He can not think of a world without games: he has poker and bridge titles, he surfs, and he plays drums with his band Kese.